Cupertino Smart Cities – IOT Pilot Projects – RFQ

By | October 7, 2020
cupertino smart city
Project Number IT2020-01
Project Name Cupertino Smart Cities – IOT Pilot Projects
Project Type RFQ
Status Open
Date Issued 10/5/2020 6:00:00 AM
Date Due 12/18/2020 3:00:00 PM
Engineer’s Estimate TBD
Scope of Work Over the next twelve months we hope to pilot IOT applications involving traffic mitigation, climate, and conservation. These five (5) proof of concept pilots will assist in expanding the City’s sojourn in deploying Smart City technologies. Building this strategy starts by having a conversation with you. We invite you to respond to this Request for Information. Your response will help us determine which pilots to proceed with. You are welcome do provide information on a single goal, multiple goals, or all 5 of our goals. After reviewing all proposals, City staff will reach out to those vendors with the most compelling projects to develop a scope of work and ascertain cost. Following the City’s procurement policy, the City may elect to award projects off vendor response or may elect to issue an RFQ or RFP or take no action at all.


There is no shortage of possibilities in the smart and connected world. Here, however, are
some of the areas we are most focused on right now:

1. Pilot – Adaptive Traffic Signaling
We want to utilize IOT sensors in conjunctions with the City’s Traffic
Management System, Trafficware ATMS, to better understand the added value to
safety and traffic mitigation.

2. Pilot – Multimodal Traffic Count
We want to better understand the number of vehicles, bikes, pedestrians and other
forms of transport that move through a given area of the City. The data will provide
a metric on which to measure our success for City projects, e.g., vehicle traffic
mitigation, and event planning.

3. Pilot – Climate Monitoring
We want to utilize IOT sensors to measure particulate and pollution levels throughout
the City. The output of these sensor will provide City resident’s air quality data.

4. Pilot – Noise Monitoring
Can you hear me now? We want to know current noise level, and alert in the event
of significant anomalies, e.g. construction noise greater > 80 dBA, or breaking of

5. Pilot – Irrigation based on Moisture Content
We want to improve water scheduling based on the moisture content of the specific
area to be watered