Solar Powered Transit Signs for Department of Transportation

By | August 5, 2021

Smart City Transit Signs Solar News

Smart City Transit Signs Solar

Smart City Transit Signs Solar

The City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (“City” or “LADOT” used interchangeably throughout this document) operates the Commuter Express and DASH Transit Programs. Commuter xpress operates fifteen (15) routes, and DASH operates thirty-one (31) routes for a total of forty-six (46) transit routes. Between the Commuter Express and DASH programs, LADOT has approximately two thousand two hundred seventy-one (2,271) bus stops.

The City is accepting proposals for the procurement, installation, and maintenance of a minimum of one hundred seventy (170) real-time bus arrival solar-powered transit signs (“Sign,” “Signs” or “Solar Signs” used interchangeably throughout this document) with the option to purchase a maximum of five hundred 500) Solar Signs. This solution will include a web-based content management system that is hardware agnostic and will be integrated as part of a system of signage. The awarded Contractor will be responsible for the management of all activities, including the procurement, installation, ongoing maintenance, and warranties for all products delivered under this Request for Proposals (RFP). The winning Proposer “Proposer” or “Contractor” used interchangeably throughout this document) shall be required to enter into a written agreement with the City.

The City currently has twenty-nine (29) Solar Signs located throughout the City used to demonstrate the technology. (See Exhibit 2 for current LADOT Solar Sign locations). The Contractor will be required to either integrate or replace these existing twenty-nine (29) signs so that all of the City’s real-time bus arrival information solar-powered signs can be programmed using the same system. This RFP describes the project, required scope of services, the Contractor selection process, and the
minimum requirements for proposal submittal.

RFP Packages Available
Deadline to Protest RFP Content
Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference
Final Day for Written Questions
Proposals Due
Proposer Interviews
Recommendation of Contract Award
Deadline to Protest Selection Process
City Council Meeting to Award Contract
Operating Agreement Begins
Week of 10/11/2021 (Tentative)
Week of 11/08/2021 (Tentative)
Week of 11/16/2021 (Tentative)
Week of May 9, 2022 (Tentative)
June 1, 2022