Colorado Smart Cities Alliance Announces Revive! Winners

By | August 4, 2021

Colorado Smart City News

smart city newsFrom GovTech August 2021 — Six technology providers were selected as part of the challenge for solutions in areas like transportation and economic development to assist cities in the Denver region with their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic


Six technology providers have been selected as the winners of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance Revive! Challenge.

The competition, which came to a close July 29, was structured to have smart city technology applied to areas like transportation or economic development as communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We saw plenty of innovations in the space before COVID,” said Tyler Svitak, executive director of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, referring to transportation and economic development.

“Though, they were elevated in the priority list in response to COVID, and they were elevated across 10 governments, which is a sign that these issues united governments more generally,” he added.

Some 40 proposals were submitted, which were then evaluated across a range of government organizations, with a goal of increasing resiliency and equity. Of those 40 submissions, 11 were selected as finalists, and only six were selected for real-world deployments.

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