Smart Cities funding in jeopardy – Coronavirus

City Council weighs putting brakes on $2 million expenditure From Daily Gazette April 2020 Exccerpt:  SCHENECTADY — Progress on the city’s Smart Cities initiative may come to a standstill as the City Council weighs halting funding until the financial impacts of COVID-19 emerge into better focus. “We really need to know what the impact is on our city… Read More »

Smart Building Market Increased Demand

Excerpt from Lake Shore Gazette April 2020 Smart Building Market: Introduction The rise in need for efficient energy-related inventions in the infrastructure industry, increased market for Building automation and control system, and growth in the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the building management system are some of the factors which are increasing the growth of… Read More »

Welcome Design Smart City

Welcome to Design Smart City Smart City RFPs and Digital Signage RFPs go hand-in-hand and lots of cities are looking at new infrastructure.  We track those.  These days that means smart transit, smart transportation, smart lighting, automation, EV vehicles, Self-Driving.  It’s a big basket for sure. Part of IoT trends in self-service. Check out our news, RFPs and… Read More »