Living Wall Dallas IoT Sensors for Plants

By | April 16, 2020
IoT Internet of Things

Smart City News – Dallas Living Wall IoT

SmartCityDive News Apr2020

  • Real estate investment firm Rastegar Property Company announced plans to build a “living wall” on its 26-story condo development in Dallas. The wall, made up of more than 40,000 plants, is estimated to capture more than 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide and produce 1,200 pounds of oxygen each year.
  • The wall is expected to cost up to $1 million and will have internet of things (IoT) sensors to monitor the plants’ health. In an email to Smart Cities Dive, Zach Smith, founder and CEO of wall and green roof company Zauben, said the living wall will have panels made up of natural mineral wool to “perfectly distribute” water, oxygen and nutrients to the plants.
  • Josh Eadie, vice president of real estate at Rastegar, told Smart Cities Dive the wall is part of a broader strategy to add parkland to downtown Dallas, with a pocket park also set to be installed nearby and maintained by the developer. “Our goal is to turn Dallas into a more modern, 21st century green-focused city,” Eadie said.

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