COVID-19 Adverse Affect on City Budgets

COVID-19 Adverse Affect on City Budgets article from SmartCityDive Apr2020 Only 36 of more than 19,000 U.S. cities are eligible for relief funding from the CARES Act. The National League of Cities and U.S. Conference of Mayors are demanding $250 billion for those left out. Pandemic costs are ‘blowing massive holes’ in cities’ budgets Dive Brief: The U.S. Conference… Read More »

Send me your smart city photos

Smart City Images Photos We are still in the building phase of the website. I need photos of smart cities that I can use on the site and in the Pinterest page.  We have lots of images we will add but we want to personally request any images you are willing to contribute.  We will add acknowledgement for… Read More »

Talking Digital Future – Smart Cities

From the CoinTelegraph Apr 2020 By Jonathan Reichental Excerpt: My journey into smart cities and their future development was a really big surprise, as the way I arrived there was not something that I had planned. I was working as the chief information officer for a company in Northern California called O’Reilly Media when I got a call from a headhunter who… Read More »

Challenges of moving smart city event online

From SmartCitiesDive Apr 2020 Excerpt: The new coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought many networking opportunities to a screeching halt as event planners are forced to readjust or cancel highly anticipated smart city conferences. The National Shared Mobility Summit, which was scheduled to occur last month in Chicago at the McCormick Place​ convention center, is one of these affected events.… Read More »

Smart Cities funding in jeopardy – Coronavirus

City Council weighs putting brakes on $2 million expenditure From Daily Gazette April 2020 Exccerpt:  SCHENECTADY — Progress on the city’s Smart Cities initiative may come to a standstill as the City Council weighs halting funding until the financial impacts of COVID-19 emerge into better focus. “We really need to know what the impact is on our city… Read More »

Smart Building Market Increased Demand

Excerpt from Lake Shore Gazette April 2020 Smart Building Market: Introduction The rise in need for efficient energy-related inventions in the infrastructure industry, increased market for Building automation and control system, and growth in the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the building management system are some of the factors which are increasing the growth of… Read More »