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Peerless-AV smart city and smart cities news. Design Smart City covers all RFPs and RFQs in smart cities as well as news and information.  Peerless-AV is a major supplier and participant in the smart city market delivering large format digital displays in both indoor and outdoor configurations. Contact Peerless-AV for your smart city needs.  For over 75 years, passion and innovation continue to drive PeerlessAV forward. We proudly design and manufacture the highest quality products, including outdoor displays and TVs, complete integrated kiosks, video wall mounting systems, professional carts and stands, and more.

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A true solution encompasses how the product is made, how it gets to you and the service you receive. We devote care to every element of our AV solutions so we can fulfill the sum total of your needs.

For proof of this commitment to complete solutions, look no further than the lasting relationships we’ve built with our customers—distributors, resellers, integrators and end users alike. People choose to do business with us not only for the quality of our products but also because we’ve proven to be a valuable partner, making their jobs easier through every step of the process.

We oversee every step of the manufacturing and testing process to ensure that our products will meet your exact standards and that we can get them to you as quickly as possible.

We also ensure your satisfaction through the design of our products. Easier installation, improved durability, better aesthetics—your needs guide our manufacturing process, from conception to production.

These core values are represented through all Peerless-AV® processes and have allowed us to attain our continuous position as a leading worldwide designer, manufacturer and distributor of support systems and accessories for electronic equipment.

Smart Power – Premium Grid-Optional Energy Solution

Peerless-AV® Joins Forces with Blue Planet Energy to Create a Premium Grid-Optional Energy Solution Ed Note: Peerless-AV announced today they have partnered with Blue Planet Energy to create a Premium Grid Optional Energy Solution. Introducing The Blue Ion LXHV, a patent-pending, premium grid-optional energy solution brings a wide range of sustainable energy options to power critical infrastructure and businesses. Companies… Read More »