Smart City RFPs November 18

By | November 18, 2020
Smart City Las Vegas

Smart RFP Notes for November 2020

Smart City Connectivity – Bellevue Washington

Smart City Las VegasThis proposal responds to Council Priority Advance implementation of the Smart City Strategy, including advanced transportation technology and autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicle technologies..under the High Quality Built and Natural Environment target area. The fundamentals of this proposal were identified in the BellevueSmart Plan: Planning for a Smarter City, which Council approved in 2017. This proposal consolidates the former 090.16NA Community Network Connectivity CIP proposal with 090.19NA, with a revised title of Smart City Connectivity. The previously adopted proposal includes two major areas to support the vision on Smart City that supports to Bellevue’s economic competitiveness brand: – 090.19NA (G-38): Expand public Wi-Fi in parks, community centers, housing properties and business districts, which directly responds to Council’s vision, Bellevue is a smart citywith a clean, high-quality environment and excellent and reliable infrastructure that supports our vibrant and growing city, including high-tech connectivity.- 090.16NA (G-93): Provide resources to maintain the existing fiber optic infrastructure and address gaps and bottlenecks as opportunities arise while modestly funding replacement of the fiber network. The fiber optic network is used to connect City facilities, the Intelligent Transportation System and street light system and is a major component of the Connectivity and Transportation elements in the Smart City plan.

Automated Traffic Counting Program – Las Vegas

In order to support the city’s Smart City program, this ongoing project will develop a permanent traffic count system at high volume locations within the city of Las Vegas to automatically collect traffic data. This will include determining the additional technology to use for collecting and storing data, selecting the technology to be used to communicate remotely with the count stations, acquiring and testing the system, and constructing count stations at select locations. Traffic signal controller data will be collected for key roadway links and at major signalized intersections. The increased, continual availability of traffic data will be used for a variety of purposes. It will improve traffic modeling capabilities within the Transportation Planning Section and the Traffic Field Operations Section to better analyze proposed intersection and roadway improvements by providing improved data for input into the computer models. Equipment procured will also support the city’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) initiative

City of Las Vegas Smart Cities: Phase 1 Pilot – AV/CV/Ev Infrastructure

In February 2016, the City submitted a USDOT Smart Cities grant application in support of regional and national efforts to better integrate technology with infrastructure to support pedestrians, vehicles, bicyclists, and public transit users in the future. As detailed in the City of Las Vegas Mobility Master Plan (Chapter 8), this project proposes to purchase three new electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and deploy a pilot first phase of demonstration projects throughout the City’s Downtown / Innovation District, including AV/CV/EV testing, electric vehicle charging, smart wayfinding, and other infrastructure supportive of autonomous, connected, and electric vehicles