How Smart Poles Are Lighting up Smart Cities

By | August 23, 2020
smart city

Nice article from WomenLoveTech Aug2020 — Here in Colorado smart poles have already been deployed recently in my city. It will be a must for all cities in the future to connect and serve citizens more effectively, and faster.


Get ready to see an influx of smart technology from your home to the street corner. Take Smart Poles for instance. This is a catchy marketing name for an electrical pole with added technology.

Old school power lines and electric transmission towers tend to be pretty ugly on the urban landscape. Smart poles are designed to provide an elegant solution to minimising the number of poles on an urban street.

Smart Poles have a number of customisable options based on the client’s user requirements. They are ideal for environmental monitoring and can guide first responders.  The idea has been around for many years – you probably use them and don’t realise. For example, when you swipe your card for the train, that’s an example of a smart pole with a card reader.

There are a number of companies that manufacture smart poles. They come in a number of different sizes for different urban settings. They can be called other marketing names, like smart trees. They can be straight, tapered, square and round, or support banners and light fittings.