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By | July 23, 2020
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Smart City NavyNotice of Intent to Award Sole Source to: US Ignite Inc. DUNS #078415246, 1150 18TH St NW Ste 900, Washington DC 20036-3846 The Department of the Navy, Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific (NIWC Pacific), code 22710, hereby publicizes its intention to solicit, negotiate, and award a Cost Plus Fixed Fee contract on a noncompetitive basis with US Ignite Inc. under the authority of FAR 6.302-1 Only one responsible source and no other supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements. The description summary of work listed below are to evaluate current Autonomous Vehicles (AV), smart transportation sensors, data analytics and smart cities technologies on MCAS Miramar to leverage and integrate AVs into existing systems and future plans. The scope of the requirement is as follows: The contractor shall provide technical and professional expertise for design and operation of smart base testbed focused on three smart city resiliency use cases plus deploying sensors for data monitoring: â?? Smart building: Smart city resiliency research testbed would be supported by linking to in- building smart sensors as they are deployed on MCAS Miramar to share data, analytics, and technology assessment. Numerous cities have deployed similar systems over 4G LTE and now 5G wireless networks to reduce costs. These cities use pole-attached and other sensors to track energy, safety, and environmental impact. â?? Renewable energy monitoring: Similar to the smart building effort, smart grid sensors can be used with distributed renewable energy assets, such as solar PV, to improve the management of power into the microgrid. This is critical due to the intermittent nature of renewable generation. â?? UAS critical infrastructure monitoring: UAS monitoring research would be supported by linking to nearby Chula Vista public safety pilots as they are deployed to share data, analytics, and technology assessment. Data from the monitoring within the base and from off-base will be collected and analyzed. â?? The smart city sensors can cover the base to monitor smart buildings, solar PV, and critical energy infrastructure using UASs. The contractor shall create a dashboard displaying smart city data generated by the sensors for navigation in and around MCAS Miramar to provide traffic displays and alerts. In addition, the contractor shall provide technical support for demonstrating the setup and operations of the smart base resiliency testbed. In order to lead this process, the contractor shall: (1) Accelerate the launch of a smart technology testbed that will include a smart base pilot program to support on-base resiliency program at MCAS Miramar; (2) Form and manage strategic partnerships with the wide range of stakeholders and industry leaders in smart city resiliency and digital security; (3) Identify and assess sensor data to identify traffic patterns to efficiently determine better methods of navigation and efficient use of the CAV data to reduce costs, improve public safety, and deliver faster services; (4) Evaluate these smart solutions on- and off-base for use in other vital sectors, such as resilience, sustainability and public safety This notice of intent is NOT a request for quote. A determination by the government not to compete based upon responses to this notice is solely at the discretion of the government. The applicable NAICS Code is 541715 Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences, and the business size standard is 1000 (# of employees). The point of contact for this announcement is Gillian David at [email protected]. Be advised that the aforementioned information is anticipatory in nature and is not binding. This notice is not a request for quotes; however, any firm believing that they can fulfill the requirement may be considered by the agency. Interested parties may identify their interest and capabilities in response to this synopsis. Any comments, questions or concerns regarding this notice may be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] by 22 July 2020 at 1300 PST. Questions by phone or fax will not be considered.